Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Quiz Today On 29th November 2021

Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Quiz Is Available On Quiz Ahead Platforms. If You Play The Quiz You Win Different Types Of Prizes Even Increases Your General Knowledge.

Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Quiz

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Flipkart Quiz Short Details

  • Name – Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Quiz
  • Quiz Date29th November 2021
  • Quiz Time 12 A.M. To 11.59 P.M.
  • Total Questions – 6 (Six)
  • Based On – General Knowledge
  • Quiz Prizes – Flipkart Gift Voucher + Super Coins

Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Quiz – Questions & Answers (29th November 2021)

1. What is the name of the person who makes the ‘BB Ki Vines’ videos?

Ans: Bhuvan Bam

2. The Star Sports ad campaign for the Indian vs Pak World Cup match in 2015 is popular by what two-word name?

Ans: Mauka Mauka

3. Which color does the South African Cricket team wear in ODIs?

Ans: Green

4. What is the name for the camera feature which shoots long hours of footage is a few frames?

Ans: Timelapse

5. Which form of art is Pandit Birju Maharaj famous for?

Ans: Dancing

6. What does ‘D’ in ‘CD’ and the second ‘D’ in ‘DVD’ stand for?

Ans: Disc

Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Quiz – Questions & Answers (3rd August, 2021)

1. Rajghat is the memorial of which freedom fighter?

Ans: M. Gandhi

2. Ayushman Khurrana starred in which out of the two movies?

Ans: Shubh Mangal Saavdhan

3. What should be used in case of an electrical fire?

Ans: Sand

4. Which name of Shiva means ‘blue nacked’?

Ans: Neelkantha

5. What does B in BSF stands for?

Ans: Border

6. In which state was the Aadhaar card first issued in India?

Ans: Maharashtra

Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Quiz – Questions & Answers (2nd August, 2021)

1. What do you get if you add the largest single digit number with the smallest double digit number?

Ans: 19

2. Which of these objects will not be attracted by a magnet?

Ans: Cricket Ball

3. Which of these rupee notes is currently not available in India?

Ans: 1000

4. The rulers of which of these regions used ‘Rana’ as a title?

Ans: Mewad

5. What is the colour of the ball used in day-night cricket?

Ans: Pink

6. Which of these superheroes has no super powers?

Ans: Batman

Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Quiz – Questions & Answers (1st August, 2021)

1. In Under Punjab which of these is Alia Bhatt’s character passionate about?

Ans: Hockey

2. Which of three landmarks appears on the Rs. 20 note?

Ans: Image 1

3. Which of these gets its name from a Persian word meaning ‘fried’?

Ans: Biryani

4. Which of these is mainly a reading device?

Ans: Kindle

5. In cricket what does the Umpire mean by making a rectangular sign with his index finger?

Ans: TV Umpire

6. Which of these rivers originates in Tibet?

Ans: Brahmaputra

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Flipkart Quiz Terms And Conditions

1. This Program Is Valid In India (Territory).

2. The Program Is Open Only To The End Users Who Are Indian Citizens. Citizens And Residents Of Countries Other Than India Are Not Eligible To Participate In This Program.

3. Prizes Cannot Be Transferred, Substituted, Or Encased.

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7. The Program Shall Be Subject To Force Majeure Events Rendering Flipkart Unable To Extend The Program, For Reason Beyond Flipkart’s Control, And On Occurrence Of Such An Event, The Program May Be Completely Or Partially Withdraw At The Discretion Of Flipkart.

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